You have complete control

The detective work of out private and business detective agency Condor | Astor is a personal service which is billed after the effectively accrued expense. i.e.: For the detective and investigation time, depending on the request and scope of the investigation, the cost will generally be between € 69 and € 89.

With our prompt reporting throughout an investigation, we can ensure full transparency in the cost breakdown. You can control the expenses yourself, as you can end your investigation at any time. That’s how we give you complete cost control.

Discretion also with invoicing

To ensure complete discretion in your accounts, you have the possibility of a neutral invoice by us.

Reimbursement of detective costs

Pre-trial detective costs are refundable, if

  • The involvement of a private or business detective agency is in direct connection with a legal dispute,
  • The hiring of a detective is required with objective consideration, in the view of the party, for the management of a legal dispute
  • And it was necessary with regards to an appropriate legal prosecution or defence according to paragraph 91, 1 of the code of civil procedure.

According to the Coblenz higher regional court, 24/10/90, file no.14 NW 671/90U, the first senate of the Zweibrücken higher regional court (file no.1 W 13/78) and the higher regional courts of Hamm (15 W 405/68), Brunswick (3 W 10/74) and Munich (W 1234/76) declared in their judgements that detective costs are refundable and respectively liable to make restitution as extra-judicial party expenditures, if they prove necessary for the appropriate prosecution or legal defence (section 91 para. 1 clause 1 of the code of civil procedure.