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Charlottenstr. 75
40210 Düsseldorf

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Detektivin Susanne Grössl

Susanne Grössl
Managing directorGermany

Detektei für Mannheim Condor Astor Detective


Rathenaustraße 15
68165 Mannheim

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Detektiv Roger Grössl

Roger Grössl
Managing directorGermany

Detektei für München Condor Astor Detective


Knorrstrasse 21
80807 München

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Detektiv Roger Grössl

Roger Grössl
Head of operationsGermany

Detektei für Stuttgart Condor Astor Detective


Plieninger Straße 44
70567 Stuttgart

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Detektiv Friedhelm Oswald

Friedhelm Oswald
Managing directorGermany

Detective Condor und Detective Astor International GmbH – a company

Our company was founded in 1972 in Cologne. For over 40 years our name has stood for transparency and successful investigations. We operate within a close-knit international network of specially trained career detectives. Our private and business detective agencies are subdivided into six independent GmbHs. Discretion, a high detection rate and the externally measured quality assurance of our work are our top priorities. To ensure this,
  • We allow ourselves to be publicly reviewed by our clients,
  • We are affiliated with the “International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives“,
  • Our managing directors are members of the “Bund internationaler Detektive e.V.”.
The field of tasks covered by our detective agency:

The business detective agency

Up to 85% of our work is research, surveillance and further investigations for companies, firms, the self-employed (freelancers) and traders.

The private detective agency

Up to 15% of our work is established for private clients (private persons) This entails investigations, surveillances and further enquiries.

Safety sector

For the safety sector, we offer both comprehensive video surveillance and also a review of counter-surveillance measures.

Our network of partners

We investigate, provide evidence and strive for certainty. Reliable and legal consultation are guaranteed. Within our network, we collaborate with lawyers, specialist solicitors and law firms throughout Germany. Our partners specialise in many different areas of criminal, labour, family, rental and real estate law etc.

*To ensure an optimal consultation and above all discretion please go directly to the head of operations, who will process your order in advance.

Facts and figures

40 years of professional clarification

For over 40 years our name has stood for transparency and successful detective work. We are at your service with multiple subsidiaries throughout Germany.

56.000 solved cases

We are tireless in our dedication to you! Whether private clients or business clients: we have already solved more than 56,000 cases. Our detectives ensure certainty through reliable investigations.

190 detectives

Approximately 190 detectives will investigate for you! We operate within a close-knit international network of specially trained career detectives who are reliable, discrete and professional. Together we will bring you case to a successful conclusion.

87.000 surveillances

Detective Astor / Condor International GmbH is your powerful partner. Over the past 40 years we have conducted over 87,000 surveillances and successfully cleared up the corresponding cases. We succeed through competency and professionalism!