The number of harmed companies is rising

In order to work financially efficiently and in a legally sound manner, companies require rules and codes of conduct to control the company culture. When the rules are stuck to, compliance will follow.

Though, despite all efforts to conform with regulations: Establishing rules presumes that they will be stuck to, protecting yourself from fraud, theft and corruption is another kettle of fish entirely!

The most common violations against compliance are:
In human resources:

  • Illegal employment
  • Wage continuation abuse (faking illness)
  • theft, fraud

The most common violation for firms in Germany is damage to property. Each year, one in five companies report the theft of confidential client and business data, the real figure is estimated to be much higher.

Competition with other companies:

  • Produce counterfeiting
  • Brand and copyright law infringement
  • Financial and industrial espionage
  • A breach of contract terms regarding anticompetitive violations by company executives.

On the international market:

  • Corruption (concerning outsourced production plants in particular)

We secure your compliance

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