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Friedhelm Oswald

Friedhelm Oswald
Managing directorGermany

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We will help you in these areas

Production – Logistics – Sales
Theft and fraud

Compliance – General employment law (cheating on sick pay, undeclared secondary employment, etc.) – Corruption – Non-compete clauses

Business partners
Prevention – Resisting unfair competition – Illegal information leakage

Information – Inventory discrepancies – Counter trade

Patents and trademark law – Due diligence (auditing business partners and customers)

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To ensure an optimal consultation and above all discretion please go directly to the head of operations, who will process your order in advance.

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  • Contact us
    Tell us your about your particular assignment – we will advise you up front over the phone free of charge.
  • Checking the state of affairs
    Together, we will establish the state of affairs, check for a justified/legal interest from our side and define the objective of our task. In conclusion, we determine the measures and specify the procedures.
  • Carrying out the operations
    Goal-oriented measures are taken and implemented through strategic surveillance and investigations. The burden of proof is documented with the collection of images. After each day's operation, a brief status report is first presented to the client and the next procedures are defined.
  • Concluding report
    After carrying out the operations, a detailed written report is provided with a summary of the evidence and testimonies that can be used in court.
  • Invoice
    The invoice is issued neutrally (without stating the object) and if required discreetly / neutral invoicing - for accounting purposes

Get an initial consultation free of charge over the phone now

To ensure an optimal consultation and above all discretion please go directly to the head of operations, who will process your order in advance.

07731 / 182 174

"We don't invest in swanky offices, but in the further training of our staff"

The employee covers the investigation costs

As a rule, we recommend coming to an agreement with your employee out of court. The procedure you take should be based on your specific situation. You should seek legal advice in this regard.

The employee covers the investigation costs

Termination agreement

Employees frequently renounce severance pay when a criminal charge is dropped in return.

Reclaim the investigation costs

An employee must bear the cost for the firm of investigators if an employment law violation is proven; see the judgement of the German State and Federal Labour Court.

Employment law violations: how can a commercial investigator help?

An expert guideline for employers

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Download the e-book now


How much does an investigator cost?

The detective work of Wirtschafts- und Privat Detektei Condor International GmbH is a personnel service charged according to the actual time spent (hours). This means that the detective/investigation hour is usually charged from EUR 79.00 (EUR 94.01 including VAT), depending on the requirements and scope of the assignment. The operational vehicle is charged per kilometre from EUR 1.60 (EUR 1.90 including VAT) or by a flat rate for provision (hourly rate). In addition, there are expenses, possibly out-of-pocket expenses and a basic fee for mission management - reporting - on-call duty and action planning amounting to 15 - 25 % of the total expenditure. All the information is provided according to the price list of BuDEG - Bundesverband des Detektiv- und Ermittlungsgewerbes e.V. (Federal Association of Detectives and Investigators), the "professional association of private investigators".

When may an investigator get involved?

When a demonstrably valid legal and protectable interest of the client exists and when there is justified initial suspicion.

What does an investigator do?

An investigator – also commonly referred to as a private investigator – is a private detective who documents knowledge and information within the course of collecting evidence and/or providing emergency assistance with evidence by means of surveillance, research, questioning under an assumed identity and other methods and, in particular, compiles a body of evidence that can be used in court.


§ 32, Para. 1, line 2, of the BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act): "For the uncovering of offences, the personal data of an employee may only be collected, processed or used if factual indications to be documented justify the suspicion that the data subject has committed an offence within the employment relationship, the collection, processing or use is required for this uncovering and the protectable interest of the employee does not outweigh this collection, processing or use; and, in particular, the nature and extent of this collection, processing and use are not disproportionate to the matter in question".

The fact that a serious violation of a loyalty obligation is not an offence does not exclude the wording of § 32, Para. line 1 of the BDSG. This wording apparently refers explicitly to the termination of an employment relationship. As in the context of line 2, an interference in an employee's right of privacy may only occur on the basis of a balancing of mutual interests according to the principle of proportionality. Accordingly, the following is critical here, too:

  1. The matter involves a serious breach of duty
  2. Concrete suspicion exists
  3. Mitigating circumstances are ruled out

We will conduct investigations for you throughout Germany!

Investigation group CONDOR — ASTOR International GmbH — Your firm of commercial investigators and specialists for the whole of Germany.

Our firm of investigators are active for their clients nationwide across Germany – from Flensburg to Munich and from Dresden to Aachen – for the protection and safeguarding of protectable intellectual property and their clients' personal, private concerns. The aim of our detective service is to conduct surveillance and investigations in the field of commercial risk in general (e.g. corporate espionage), personnel problems (e.g. undeclared secondary employment) and the distortion of competition (e.g. unfair competition). As a qualified private investigator, each of our employees investigates earnestly and discreetly for contractors from the business world or in their private lives. Our firm of commercial investigators has branches / head offices in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Munich, Mannheim, Hannover and Leipzig.

Due to their previous career work, a private investigator from the Condor group of private investigators is mostly embedded in a network at the executive level of commerce across Germany. Every private investigator possesses all the legal knowledge involved with confidential customer information due to their wealth of experience in investigation activities of various kinds.

The locations of the individual branches of the Condor group of investigators in the metropolitan regions of Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Leipzig and Mannheim have the advantage that every private detective of our firm of investigators can also demonstrate a unique connection with the locality.

Clients of the Condor group of investigators include entrepreneurs and business executives, as well as sports personalities and media stars. Our successful, empathetic and earnest work imbues our clients with confidence.
As a member of the Bund Internationaler Detektive e.V. (Association of International Detectives), our firm of investigators has numerous national and international contacts; in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and the USA, for example. As a result, a private detective from our firm of investigators is able to conduct surveillance and research not only nationwide, but internationally too.

Get an initial consultation free of charge over the phone now

To ensure an optimal consultation and above all discretion please go directly to the head of operations, who will process your order in advance.

07731 / 182 174

Over 56.000 solved cases since 1972

Get to know Mr Oswald's team of investigators.

Friedhelm has been an investigator since 1986. Training in manual work and commerce laid the professional foundations for diverse activities in the later field of commercial management in large companies in the car rental industry, restaurant chains, sport and leisure industry (multiple roles) and the insurance industry (fraudulent claims).

Specialisation in the field of investigation followed, across Germany and internationally, with a focus on economic crime. Here Friedhelm was able to use his well-founded documentations to uncover some economic crimes, also in conjunction with investigations by authorities.

In the private field, Friedhelm has conducted research primarily in family law, maintenance law and custody. Friedhelm has had a lot of success in particular in the repatriation of abducted children from mixed marriages.

Since 1993, Friedhelm has been the managing director of the Astor / Condor group of investigators, with branches in Munich, Mannheim, Leipzig and Hannover. In 1999, Friedhelm acquired shares in the corporate group and, since 2015, Mr Oswald has been a managing partner of Detective Condor International GmbH in Stuttgart.

Without a suitable, well-trained and professional team, success would not have been possible. Many colleagues and professional investigators who support Friedhelm with his investigations and surveillance are predominantly long-standing companions, assisting him with help and advice to this day. The investigators — young colleagues who have earned their place over the years and who work for the group of investigators — are reliable, qualified private detectives who have gained experience in the meantime and through participation in professional workshops and training events meet the quality standard of the European Service Directive.

That which is investigated and researched must also be documented in writing. Our reports are used for the administration of justice and must therefore be well-founded, complete and conclusive. To do this, we need a team in the office who put the intellectual and logistical work of our detectives and firm of investigators on paper and provide support with computer research through office work.

Only the cooperation and cohesion of various technical departments and individuals — team workers who live and breathe their job — can be successful in the long run.