We will help you in these areas

Compliance – General employment law (cheating on sick pay, undeclared secondary employment, etc.) – Corruption – Non-compete clauses

Misconduct in a partnership - infidelity - fraud - embezzlement

Maintenance law - custody law - right of access - endangering the welfare of children - repatriation of abducted children / adolescents - criminal endangerment of adolescents - search for persons and missing persons - paternity test - inheritance law - probate disputes

Tenancy disputes - neighbour disputes - rent defaults - damage to other people's property - improper use - vandalism - theft

Aspects of life:
Stalking - bullying - bossing - contract disputes - witness search - evidence

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"You determine the 'what'; we will deal with the 'how' — and together, we will bring your case to a successful conclusion"!

According to the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz, 24/10/1990, ref. 14 NW 671/90U.a., the first division of the Higher Regional Court of Zweibrücken (ref. 1 W 13/78) and the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (15 W 405/68), Braunschweig (3 W 10/74) and Munich (W 1234/76) in their judgements declared investigation costs as extrajudicial party expenses to be recoverable or liable for reimbursement if they were necessary for an appropriate prosecution or legal defence (§ 91, Para. 1, line 1 of the ZPO).

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We will conduct investigations for you throughout Germany!

Investigation group CONDOR — ASTOR International GmbH — Your firm of commercial investigators and specialists for the whole of Germany.

Our firm of investigators are active for their clients nationwide across Germany – from Flensburg to Munich and from Dresden to Aachen – for the protection and safeguarding of protectable intellectual property and their clients' personal, private concerns. The aim of our detective service is to conduct surveillance and investigations in the field of commercial risk in general (e.g. corporate espionage), personnel problems (e.g. undeclared secondary employment) and the distortion of competition (e.g. unfair competition). As a qualified private investigator, each of our employees investigates earnestly and discreetly for contractors from the business world or in their private lives. Our firm of commercial investigators has branches / head offices in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Munich, Mannheim, Hannover and Leipzig.

Due to their previous career work, a private investigator from the Condor group of private investigators is mostly embedded in a network at the executive level of commerce across Germany. Every private investigator possesses all the legal knowledge involved with confidential customer information due to their wealth of experience in investigation activities of various kinds.

The locations of the individual branches of the Condor group of investigators in the metropolitan regions of Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Leipzig and Mannheim have the advantage that every private detective of our firm of investigators can also demonstrate a unique connection with the locality.

Clients of the Condor group of investigators include entrepreneurs and business executives, as well as sports personalities and media stars. Our successful, empathetic and earnest work imbues our clients with confidence.
As a member of the Bund Internationaler Detektive e.V. (Association of International Detectives), our firm of investigators has numerous national and international contacts; in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and the USA, for example. As a result, a private detective from our firm of investigators is able to conduct surveillance and research not only nationwide, but internationally too.